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Emergency Preparedness Week - What if you only had 30 minutes?

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It’s Emergency Preparedness Week!

Let’s talk readiness—not the end-of-the-world type (unless that's your thing). Imagine a wildfire is on its way and you have just 30 minutes to evacuate. What would you grab? Where are your essentials stored? What about items for your kids, or pets?

We might be capable on a regular day, but during emergencies, in times of pressure we can usually do with a bit of help. Consider creating a “go-box” (or emergency kit) with essentials, drafting an evacuation checklist, or simply familiarizing yourself with your critical items’ locations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start thinking about these questions now:

  • What are my family’s absolute necessities?
  • Where can I quickly gather essential documents and valuables?
  • How can I ensure my pets and livestock are safe?

For a list of items to consider in the event of an evacuation: