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Fire Risk

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Beaver County like many other places in Alberta, is currently experiencing very low fine fuel moisture content, which means the ground is extremely flammable. Most wildfires are human caused, lets not be part of that statistic!

Things you can do to help reduce the risk of fire: 

  • Butt Out Safely: Never toss cigarette butts outdoors. Use a proper container that won't ignite dry grass or leaves.
  • Secure Your Tows: Before hitting the road, double-check that chains are securely fastened and not dragging, to prevent sparks.
  • Clear Dead Vegetation: Maintain a defensible space around your property by clearing away dead leaves and branches.
  • No open-air burning: Campfires in a BESC approved container with a mesh screen are still permitted provided they are continuously attended and have adequate water supply available. Only firewood or charcoal, in an approved fire pit with a mesh screen, are to be burned. Please ensure wind speeds of less than 10 km/h when burning. Applications for an approved fire pit are available on the BESC website.