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MDP & LUB Project

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We've noticed some concerns floating around about the MDP & LUB update project, and we're here to clear the air with some updates and info on how to stay in the loop.

First things first, this project is about updating our existing MDP & LUB (not starting from scratch). Given that the original bylaws came into effect back in 1980, it's time for a refresh 44 years later. Our team, alongside Planning Consultants, Council, and Administration, has been hard at work reviewing and suggesting updates to bring everything up to speed.

Curious about the changes? All the draft bylaws and a handy overview of the updates are waiting for you on our website. We also hosted open houses at both ends of the County on November 1st, 2023, to hear directly from you.

The feedback from these sessions and any written comments received up until November 17th have been gathered by our Consultants. They're set to present their findings at the GPC meeting on March 6th, and the information will be included in the Committee agenda package. Look for it on our website by the end of this week.

No Council readings have happened yet. After the first reading is completed (not yet scheduled), we will be holding a public hearing, likely in April or May.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project! We'll be sharing all the details through our website, the Chronicle, social media, and our e-newsletter.