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Snow Removal

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Hello fellow snow-watchers! With a fresh blanket of snow covering our county, let's dive into what this means for snow removal in our area:
Q: What happens when it's a winter wonderland outside?
A: Our goal is to clear bus routes and main roads within 48 hours, and tackle all local roads within 72 hours. However, in the event of a snowpocalypse, timelines may extend.
Q: Can my road be cleared first?
A: We appreciate your annual winter messages and requests, and while we'd love to accommodate everyone, it's a challenging feat. With over 2,600 kilometers of roads, our dedicated snow-clearing team has a vast area to cover. We prioritize safety and efficiency, focusing on bus routes and collector roads before moving on to local roads.
Our strategy: Bus routes take precedence, followed by collector and then local roads. Emergency services' access is also a top priority. While driveways are on our radar, they're addressed after the main areas.
We understand the wait can be frustrating, and while we can't fulfill every snow removal wish, rest assured our crews are out there battling the elements.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay cozy and safe on the roads!