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Council Highlights - March 27, 2024 - Correction Added

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Local Business Support

Council directed Administration to investigate support mechanisms for local businesses. These findings are set to be discussed at an upcoming Governance and Priorities Committee meeting.


Town of Viking Stormwater Culverts

For the last two years, Beaver County and the Town of Viking have been negotiating cost sharing for culvert replacements on Range Roads 125 and 130 for stormwater management. The primary discussion focused on the expense and necessity of replacing water control gates at Range Road 130 which benefit the Viking Golf and Country Club. On February 21, 2024, Beaver County's Council resolved to replace the culverts at Range Road 130 with three 900 mm culverts at its expense, pending a liability waiver from the Town. The County will also cover the full cost to upgrade the Range Road 125 culverts. The Town of Viking will be responsible for the costs and installation of two water control gates at Range Road 130. In response, Town representatives sought additional details regarding cost estimates, the scope of work, and the specifics of the liability waiver. They indicated that Beaver County's proposal would be discussed at an upcoming Town Council meeting, demonstrating a step forward in collaborative infrastructure management. Subsequently Motion #23-133 (a motion previously passed by Council to cost-share the expenses) was rescinded to accommodate this new strategy.


Community Support Requests - Spring 2024 Intake

Council approved the following Community Support grants:

  • $500 operating grant to the Cloverlodge Stampede Association for advertising costs.
  • $2500 capital grant to the Viking and District Agricultural Society for replacement of the sound system in the Viking Community Hall.
  • $2500 operating grant to the Holden Junior Cattlemen Society for costs and sponsorship associated with the Holden Jr Cattlemen Show.
  • $2500 operating grant to Friends of St. John the Baptist Church Society for cemetery maintenance.
  • $500 operating grant to the Holden Community Hall Association for student dance expenses.
  • $2500 operating grant to the 2024 Snow Goose Festival for festival expenses.
  • $2500 operating grant to the Holden Cemetery Committee for cemetery maintenance.
  • $2500 operating grant to the Wild Oats & Notes Music Festival for hosting expenses.
  • $2500 capital grant to the Tofield Minor Soccer Association for the purchase of jerseys.
  • $1500 capital grant to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #56 Holden for sidewalk replacement.
  • $2500 capital grant to the Bruce Agricultural Society for repair or replacement of the curling rink roof.
  • $2500 operating grant to the Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association for public education expenses.
  • $2500 capital grant to the Viking Community Wellness Society for outdoor solar lighting.
  • $2500 operating grant to the Silver Lining Adult Day Program for a pilot project.
  • $2500 capital grant to Tofield Golf Course and Campground for hole signage and Welcome sign.


Request for Funding - Tofield Western Days, August 8 - 11, 2024

Council has agreed to support the Tofield Western Days as a Gold Chute Gate Sponsor, contributing $5,000 for the 2024 event. This sponsorship will be funded through the Community Support Requests grant program, underscoring the County’s commitment to fostering vibrant community events.


Claystone Waste - Annual General Meeting Resolutions

Council approved a few key motions regarding Claystone Waste Ltd. First, the appointment of Yaremchuk & Annicchiarico LLP as auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2024, was endorsed. Additionally, Council supported the reappointments of David Sparrow and Naseem Bashir as Directors of Claystone Waste Ltd for a term ending on November 1, 2026. Furthermore, Council approved recommendations from the Claystone Waste Ltd. Director Compensation Review based on the details provided in a Closed Session, authorizing the Chief Administrative Officer to execute the revised director compensation resolution of the Proxy Committee.


Appointment of Subdivision Authority and Development Authority

Last week, we bid farewell to our Development Officer as she embarked on a new journey. Consequently, Beaver County has partnered with Municipal Planning Services (MPS) to handle development, subdivision, rezoning, and road closure applications. While our administration remains on hand to support residents with walk-in and online inquiries, MPS will now serve as the Subdivision Authority, and Margaret Jones (Assistant CAO) has been appointed as the Development Authority, ensuring the continuation of efficient and effective services.


Proposed Water Storage Project on Range Road 174 - Ducks Unlimited Canada*

Council accepted the Agriculture Service Board's recommendation regarding Ducks Unlimited Canada's proposed water storage project along Range Road 174, between Township Roads 504 and 510, and will adhere to the County's Road Maintenance Policy that does not permit the storage of water along County roadways. The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) was not in favour of installing a flow-control device which would increase the volume of water along Range Road 174.

* Correction to highlight - April 4, 2024

Bylaw #24-1149 - Fees, Rates, and Charges

Council has passed first reading of Bylaw #24-1149 - Fees, Rates, and Charges, Schedule A, Agriculture, to address the financial shortfall in recouping the costs of agricultural services due to rising expenses. The proposed changes include introducing a base/mobilization fee for custom spraying to improve cost recovery, adjusting the partial spray crew application fee from one-third to one-half to cover administrative costs, increasing backpack and portable sprayer rental charges, and removing the gopher poison and private land beaver dam removal fees due to legislative changes and existing policies. Second and third readings of the bylaw are scheduled for a future Council meeting to finalize these adjustments. Detailed changes can be seen in the agenda package for the meeting.


Policy #CMM-004 - Public Participation

Council has replaced Policy #CCL - 007 with Policy #CMM-004 - Public Participation. This action is a component of the continuous policy review project, where the Public Participation Policy has been updated to align with the new policy framework. Additionally, this revision incorporates amendments that embody public participation strategies suggested by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), ensuring modern, effective engagement with the public.


Proclamation: Emergency Preparedness Week

Council has proclaimed May 5-11, 2024, as Emergency Preparedness Week in Beaver County, underscoring the importance of emergency preparedness. Additionally, this proclamation acknowledges and salutes the dedication and hard work of our regional emergency services organizations, whose efforts are vital to our community's safety. This proclamation will remain in effect for five years, ensuring annual alignment with the nationally recognized Emergency Preparedness Week.


Administration and Councillor Activity Reports

Council reviewed the Administration's Activity Reports, which outlined the County's current projects and operations. Additionally, they shared a verbal update on their recent meetings and events, highlighting their engagement and activities over the past month, including:

  • Northern Lights Library System meeting
  • Beaver Ambulance
  • Viking Intermunicipal Committee meeting
  • Holden Seed Cleaning Plant
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting
  • Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) Strategic Planning
  • Beaver Emergency Services Commission
  • BRAED Annual Agriculture Industry Forum
  • Rural Municipalities of Alberta Spring Convention
  • BRAED Annual General Meeting
  • Seniors Housing and Grants
  • Beaver Foundation
  • Ag Extension Programs
  • Battle River Watershed Alliance
  • Battle River Research Group
  • Veterans Memorial Highway Association
  • Tofield and Area Health Foundation
  • Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission
  • Drought mitigation
  • Beaver County Victim Services