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Council Meeting Highlights - July 19, 2023

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Clean Harbors’ Grant Funding Policy

Council approved the policy which outlines the way in which funds provided to the County via the Clean Harbors grant, will be utilized. In accordance with the funding agreement with Clean Harbors, the Community Enhancement Grant will be used for planning, construction, maintenance, and operation of recreational and leisure facilities, and the provision of community resources and programs. The Hosting Donation Fee allows Council to allocate funds strategically, with a priority on economic development, business promotion, and essential infrastructure construction. Council may use the grants for County purposes only or may accept requests from Regional Commissions, Regional Neighbours, or Regional Partners.

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw

First reading was given to the new Council code of conduct bylaw. Two more readings will be scheduled with the bylaw coming into full effect as of the third reading, ensuring transparent and accountable governance standards for our Council.

2023 Tax Sale Reserve Bids

Council set the reserve bids for properties registered in the 2023 tax sale. Properties that are in arrears on tax payments from 2021 are registered in the sale with conditions on the sale being 10% deposit on the day of auction, with balance paid in full within 30 days.

Scholarship Policies Amendments

Amendments to the Agricultural Service Board Scholarship and Youth Outstanding Achievement Support Policies have been approved, enhancing clarity and widening eligibility for the latter.

Economic Development Plan

Council approved the Economic Development Plan. The plan identifies focus areas, outlines targeted strategies, and develops resources to attract investments, support local businesses, and create an environment for businesses to grow and succeed. The ultimate goal is to make the most of our strengths, overcome challenges, and create a bright and successful future for everyone living and working in the County.

Beaver County’s Priorities for MLA Jackie Lovely

Council approved submission of the following infrastructure priorities to Minister Dreeshan via MLA Jackie Lovely:

  • Pave Secondary Highway 870 north of Highway 14
  • Pave Secondary Highways 854, 857 (Beaver County portions south of Highway 14 that are unpaved)
  • Secondary Highway 834 widening north of Tofield
  • Kinsella Lift Station - Water and Wastewater Grant
  • Water Management Study - Water for Life Grant
  • 4 bridge repairs/replacements - STIP Grant

County Facility Security

The tender from 2020 DSS INC for security system upgrades and monitoring was accepted by Council.

CN Crossing Agreement

Council defeated a motion to direct administration to seek a legal opinion regarding the County's obligation to support CN construction of mile 167.5 Wainwright crossing (Twp Road 462).

The motion to authorize administration to enter into an agreement with CN, sharing maintenance costs at 75% rail authority and 25% road authority was passed. Councillor Bruce requested a recorded vote:


Reeve Smook

Deputy Reeve Hrabec

Cr. Williams

Cr. Pederson



Cr. Bruce






For more information on items discussed at the Council Meeting, please review the full Agenda Package for this meeting.

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