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Council Meeting Highlights - April 17, 2024

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Audited Financial Statements

MNP LLP attended the meeting to present the Audited Financial Statements. The County received a clean audit for 2023, and the statements were approved by Council.


2024 Final Budget

The 2024 Final Budget was approved by Council in the amount of $35,846,869. This includes the Capital budget already approved in December and the Operating Budget which had some final adjustments from the Interim (Proposed) Budget.


Bylaw and Policy Changes

Bylaw #24-1151 - Mill Rates:

  • Council Approved the Mill Rate Bylaw. The total increase to property owners once the mill rates for the Alberta School Fund, Beaver Foundation (seniors housing), and Emergency Services (Beaver Emergency Services Commission, and RCMP) are included, are expected to be (subject to changes to individual assessments):
    • Residential properties - 1.4% increase.
    • Farmland properties - 1.48% increase.
    • Non-residential properties - 1.40% increase.
    • Small business properties - 1.37% increase.

The website has recently been updated with more detailed information on Property Taxes.

Bylaw #24-1150 - Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan

  • Council completed the first reading on the EIP Area Structure Plan Bylaw, and a public hearing is scheduled for May 22nd, Details can be found on the website under Government > Meetings & Hearings.

Bylaw #24-1149 - Fees, Rates, And Charges

  • Council completed Second and Third readings of Bylaw #24-1149 - Fees, Rates, and Charges in relation to Schedule A, Agriculture, to address the financial shortfall in recouping the costs of agricultural services due to rising expenses. The changes include introducing a base/mobilization fee for custom spraying to improve cost recovery, adjusting the partial spray crew application fee from one-third to one-half to cover administrative costs, increasing backpack and portable sprayer rental charges, and removing the gopher poison and private land beaver dam removal fees due to legislative changes and existing policies.

Policy #AG-014 - Weed Control

  • Council approved the deletion of policies #AG-005 - Custom Spraying and Policy #AG-011 - Weed Control and their accompanying Administrative Procedures, in favour of replacing them with a single policy #AG-014 - Weed Control.

Policy #CORP-031 - Facility Surveillance

  • Council approved this new policy to ensure that the newly installed security systems are used in a lawful and justified manner while protecting the personal information of those affected by the systems.

Policy #CORP-016 - Investment of County Funds

  • The deletion of Policy #ADM-005 - Investment of County Funds, and replacement with Policy #CORP-016 was approved by Council. The new policy includes new guidelines for investment of County funds.

Bylaw #24-1148 - Procedural Bylaw

  • First reading of Bylaw #24-1148 - Procedural Bylaw was completed by Council. This bylaw includes an amendment to streamline the process for Consent Agenda items.


Appointment of the Agricultural Fieldmen

Council appointed Jonathan Culbert as the Agricultural Fieldman and Cameron Schoff as the Assistant Agricultural Fieldman.


Coal Creek Golf Resort Sponsorship Request

Council carried a motion to provide sponsorship funding in the amount of $2,500 to Coal Creek Golf Resort to cover the cost of a Hole Sign Sponsorship for 2024 from the Community Support Requests grant program.


Battle River Alliance for Economic Development - Letter of Support

Council agreed to support the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development's request for a letter of support to the Premier of Alberta, the Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade, and the Minister of Finance, regarding regional Rural Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) and changes to funding allocations from the Province.


Unbudgeted Purchase - Tank Trailer and Pump

Council authorized the purchase of a used tri-axle tank trailer and the purchase or rental of a trash pump and filtration system to a maximum of $150,000. This will be used for road construction, and when not in use, will have added benefit for use by the Beaver Emergency Services Commission Services if required in fire fighting emergencies that exceed their equipment capabilities.


Administration and Councillor Activity Reports

Council reviewed the Administration's Activity Reports, which outlined the County's current projects and operations. Additionally, they shared a verbal update on their recent meetings and events, highlighting their engagement and activities over the past month, including:

  • Rural Municipalities of Alberta Conference
  • Beaver Ambulance
  • Agricultural Service Board Meeting
  • Economic Developers Alberta Conference
  • All About Trees Workshop
  • Beaver County Community Health Awareness Meeting
  • Beaver Emergency Services Commission Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery
  • Tofield Strategic Planning
  • Great Canadian Tradeshow
  • Tofield Intermunicipal Committee Meeting
  • Beaver Regional Partnership Meeting
  • Tofield Fireman's Ball
  • Beaver Foundation
  • Bruce Stampede Association Appreciation Event
  • Beaverhill Biosphere Reserve Association
  • Blackfoot Grazing Association
  • Tofield Library Meeting
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission Meeting
  • Tofield/Beaver County West FCSS Volunteer Appreciation Event
  • Viking Library Meeting
  • Battle River Watershed Alliance Land Use



For more information on items discussed at the Council Meeting, please review the full Agenda Package for this meeting. New and/or amended Policies and Bylaws are uploaded to the County website after they have been signed.