Property Taxes

2023 Tax Bill Breakdown

Your property tax is made up of three components; the Municipal mill rate, the Education mill rate and the Seniors mill rate.

The Municipal mill rate is set by Council, and is also made up of three components:

  • General municipal mill rate to fund municipal operations and some capital expenditures, and
  • BESC levy to fund the grant to the Beaver Emergency Services Commission, and
  • Policing mill rate to fund the County’s share of Provincial RCMP costs.

In addition to the Municipal mill rate, separate mill rates are levied for requisitions paid to:

  • The Beaver Foundation (seniors’ housing), and
  • Alberta Education, and
  • where applicable, the designated industrial property requisition.

Why does my tax bill include payments to the Alberta School Foundation Fund and Beaver Foundation? The County is required by the Municipal Government Act to levy taxes to pay requisitions to the Alberta School Foundation Fund and the Beaver Foundation. Council has no control over the amount requested, but must collect school and seniors’ housing taxes from eligible property owners, and pass the collected funds on to these parties.

The Mill Rate Bylaw sets property tax rates for property owners. Property taxes are determined by multiplying individual property assessment values by the tax rates.

Individual assessments and taxes usually change each year due to the requirements of the annual budget and year-to-year changes to property values.

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Property Tax Process

  • The tax year runs from January 1, to December 31.
  • Mill Rates (tax rates) are set each year by Council in April.
  • Tax Notices are mailed out by May 30th.
  • Taxes are due on or before October 31st.

Tax Penalties

  • A penalty of 10% will be added to outstanding CURRENT taxes on November 1st.
  • An additional penalty of 6% will be applied to any taxes still outstanding on January 15th of the following year.


Beaver County offers a property tax monthly payment plan that enables you to pay your taxes monthly, instead of in one annual payment.

On the 1st day of each month, your monthly property tax amount will be withdrawn directly from your bank account. By paying your property taxes monthly through this plan, you can be certain your property taxes are paid in full each year and you will not incur any late-payment penalties.

Enrolment process

Step 1: Request a property tax monthly payment plan application package.

  • Online
  • By calling 780-663-3730
  • By emailing Tax & Assessment via our contact form.
  • In person at:

           Beaver County Service Centre
           5120-50 St
           Ryley, AB

Step 2: Complete the application form and send it to Beaver County.

  • Ensure you accept the terms and conditions of the property tax monthly payment plan enrolment indicated on the reverse of the application form.
  • Include a VOID cheque or your financial institution’s banking pre-authorization form.

Step 3: Return your signed application form to Beaver County by mail (Box 140, Ryley, AB  T0B 4A0), fax (780-663-3602), or email.

  • Attach any additional documents, if required.

Good to know

  • Ensure your financial institution is not paying your property taxes on your behalf.
  • Beaver County does not accept credit cards directly as a method of paying property taxes.  Payment by credit card, e-transfer, or PayPal can be made via a payment processing agency.  Note that a convenience fee with be charged by the payment processing agency. 
  • The monthly payment can only be withdrawn from one bank account.
  • Automatic withdrawal will occur on the first day of each month.

Cancellation process

If you wish to cancel your enrolment in Beaver County’s property tax monthly payment plan, you must provide a written and signed notice to the Assessment and Taxation Department at least two weeks before the next month’s withdrawal date.

If two payments are not honoured by your bank, Beaver County will cancel your enrolment in the plan. All unpaid taxes will be due and payable at that time and will be subject to service charges and late-payment penalties.

For more information, check out the Monthly Tax Payment Plan Brochure or contact the Beaver County Service Centre at 780-663-3730.

Tax payments can be made in a few ways:

  • By monthly instalments. Beaver County offers a convenient Monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan that allows you to pay your property taxes in 12 monthly payments instead of one annual payment. Please see below section for more info.
  • Internet or telephone banking (Payee is Beaver County Taxes and Account Number is your 9 digit roll number from your assessment/tax notice)
  • Via Paysimply, a secure site allowing payments via multiple options including credit card and Paypal. NOTE: a convenience fee will be charged by the payment processing agency.
  • By mail (post-dated cheques are accepted). Mailed payments must be sent to: Beaver County, Box 140, Ryley, AB T0B 4A0 with a postmark on or before October 31, to avoid penalty.
  • In person by debit, cheque, cash, or money order at the Beaver County Services Centre. Please call ahead to 780-663-3730 if you wish to meet with Orest Golinowski, Assessor.

NOTE: Credit card payments are not accepted for taxes, except when using Paysimply. When making payment electronically, please allow 2-3 business days for processing in Canada.  International payments may take considerably more time. 


In 2013, the Alberta Government introduced a Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program (SPTDP) which will provide eligible seniors with financial support to pay their property tax bill.

This voluntary program will allow seniors to defer their residential property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Alberta Government. 

The Provincial Government will pay the senior's taxes directly to the municipality and the loan (with interest) will be due when the senior sells his/her home, is no longer eligible for the loan, or earlier if the senior chooses.

You can apply for the SPTDP at any time. However, to allow enough time for your application to be processed and payment forwarded to your municipality (and avoid penalties),  you should apply at least 30 days before the property tax deadline.

Applications for the program are available by calling the Alberta Supports Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-644-9992 or by clicking here.

For more information about taxation in Beaver County, contact Rhonda Knudslien, Tax Clerk at 780-663-3730 via our contact form.