Approach Permits

Landowner Permitting

Beaver County may provide landowners with access to their property from a constructed County township or range road, however there is a restriction on the number and location of approaches for economic reasons and to reduce the safety hazard to the traveling public.

Approaches shall be designed and constructed to the County’s current specifications.  They shall be located as regulated by the County’s Municipal Development Plan and/or Land Use Bylaw. The County reserves the exclusive right to select and approve the location of approaches, taking into consideration sight distances, distances from road intersections, drainage patterns, and costs of construction.

To begin the process of a new approach please complete the Approach Application below and submit to the Infrastructure team via our contact form.

Approach Application Form

Pipeline Permitting

Any work to be conducted on County-owned right-of-ways requires inspections and permitting. The permit required is dependent on the type of work being executed, if you are unsure of what type of permit, you require please contact the Beaver County Infrastructure Department.


  • Approach Inspections (Includes pre & post inspections) - $125 

Permit Types:

  • Existing approach (Use of an existing approach already in the right of way) - $200 
  • Temporary Approach (Construction of a temporary approach that must be removed unless otherwise requested) - $250 
  • Proximity (Any work being executed in the right-of-way) - $200 
  • Crossing Agreements (Work that must cross a road or approach. Cost is per approach/road) - $260 

It is preferred that permit requests are received by the County at least 14 business days prior to the start of the planned activity. This is to ensure the County has enough time to inspect the work site and process payment. Please send all requests to infrastructure via our contact form and address it to Cory Haeberle and/or Baileigh Klammer.

Rush service is available for an additional fee, please contact infrastructure via our contact form to inquire about it.

Note: Please do not send payment until it is requested by the County.