Verification of Compliance

Verification of Compliance (Letters of Compliance)

What is a compliance?
A Verification of Compliance or Letter of  Compliance is confirmation from Beaver County on whether or not development (siting and use of buildings) on a property meets with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. The verification of compliance is based on a Real Property Report (RPR) that is prepared and endorsed by a surveyor.  The County will not conduct an inspection of the property.

It is common practice for a purchaser or a purchaser's financial institution or lawyer to request verification of compliance (often referred to as a Letter of Compliance or Compliance Certificate).  While the County is not required to verify compliance, it will do so as a service to its residents.

A request for a Verification of Compliance must be accompanied by:

  • Submission of a Real Property Report prepared and endorsed by an Alberta Land Surveyor. Real property reports older than one (1) year, but no older than five (5), will be accepted if accompanied by a sworn affidavit signed by the landowner, indicating that the Real Property Report is an accurate and current representation of the property. The RPR must contain certain information, see the policy below for more details.
  • A certificate of Title, issued no earlier than three (3) months from the date of request for verification of compliance.

Did you know?
As a result of a review of the file for a Verification of Compliance, you may be required to obtain the necessary permits for buildings constructed without permits.

Note that the Letter of Compliance is not a legal document and the County will not be liable for verification of compliance for improvements not shown on the Real Property Report.

Verification of Compliance Application Form   Verification of Compliance Policy

For further information, please contact the Development Officer at 780-663-3730