County Roads

Beaver County's Infrastructure Department oversees the functions of road maintenance and sewer system utilities in the Hamlets of Bruce & Kinsella and Equity Industrial Park.

Beaver County maintains approximately 2,620 kilometers of local road, of which approximately 55 kilometers are oiled or paved. The County has 12 graders to maintain these roads on a full-time basis. The snow removal fleet consists of 12 full-time graders, 3 spare graders and two plow trucks.


The County's Transportation Services Shop is located in Ryley, north of Highway 14 on Secondary Highway 854 North.

Throughout the County, there are six grader sheds located in Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Bruce, Viking, and Kinsella.


The infrastructure team including, Dan Blackie- General Manager of Infrastructure, can be contacted at 780-663-3730 or via our contact form.