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OCTOBER 21, 2020

Tofield RCMP
Sgt. Lee Knelsen, Tofield RCMP Detachment, attended the meeting and provided Council with an update on the activities of the detachment.

Gravel Pit Reclamation
Council authorized Administration to negotiate a contract with Brockhoff Enterprises for the reclamation of the County’s active gravel pit, to include pit run excavation, site reclamation and gravel crushing, and bring back to a future Council meeting for final approval.

Alberta Association of Paramedics – Core Flex Concerns
Dusty Myrshrall – Alberta Association of Paramedics, attended the meeting and provided Council with a presentation regarding On Call Paramedics (Core Flex Concerns) and how it impacts our communities. Core Flex is a 96 hour on call shift that may increase fatigue, impact medical error, negative moods and risk of vehicle accidents.

Pine Cliff Energy
Lochlin McLellan, Pine Cliff Energy, attended the meeting and provided Council with an overview of the company and its operations.  Pine Cliff Energy is requesting that Council consider entering into an agreement for payment of the 2020 property taxes over one (1) year and waive the November 3, 2020 and January 16, 2021 late payment penalties. The County entered into a one-year agreement with Pine Cliff Energy for payment of the 2019 taxes.  Pine Cliff had honoured that agreement and made all its payments on time.

Community Sponsorship Requests
Council approved funding requests for Community Support of $2,500 each to the Tofield 1988 Curling Club, the Big Picture Theatre Foundation, the Tofield Historical Society, the Good News Community Church Awana Kids Club, and the Ryley Youth Group.

2020 Tax Sales Reserve Bid
That Council set a reserve bid of $2,500 for the property registered in the 2020 Tax Sale; Roll Number 116275529; Plan 1562 W; Block 6; Lot 6.  The tax sale is scheduled for Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 10:00 am in the Beaver County Council Chambers

Request for 2020 Tax Payment Agreement
Council passed a motion that Council enter into an agreement with Taxpayer # 6524, 15135, and 21419 for payment of the 2020 property taxes over one (1) year and waive the November 3, 2020 and January 16, 2021 late payment penalties.

Councillor Smook then presented a motion that, given that Beaver County Council has passed a motion to enter into an agreement for payment of the 2020 property taxes over one (1) year and waived late penalties for one of our taxpayers, Council extends that same courtesy to other taxpayers in Beaver County that are not able to pay their taxes by the tax payment deadline.  Following a recorded vote the motion was defeated.

Request to Waive Subdivision Fees – Christa Winsnes
Christa Winsnes, attended Council and requested that Council consider waiving subdivision fees and endorsement fees on the Pt NE-5-50-17-W4 as it was the County’s request that the parcel be dealt with and the landlocked situation be removed.  C. Winsnes advised that this situation was created years ago by the County, the Village of Ryley, Alberta Highways and CN Railroad and not the landowner.

Council passed a motion to waive the subdivision fees and endorsement fees on the Pt. NE-5-50-17-W4.

Council Remuneration Policy
The Councillor Remuneration Policy provides guidelines for the payment of Councillor remuneration, travel, and other expenses related to attendance at meetings and conferences.

The Policy indicates that the per diem meeting rate will be reviewed every three years in comparison with other rural municipalities.  The last review was conducted in 2015.

Council had considered a review after the Provincial election and then deferred discussion until 2021 budget deliberations.

Council passed a motion, by recorded vote, that there be no change to the Councillor Remuneration Policy at this time.

Bylaw 20-1083 – Fee for Services Bylaw
The Fees for Services Bylaw provides for a refund of the fee paid to appeal a decision of the Development Officer or Subdivision Authority.

The appeal fee is $200 and is meant to offset the cost of the Board to hear an appeal.  There are no guidelines in place to determine when a refund will be granted or how much of the fee will be refunded.

Administration recommended that the Fees for Services Bylaw be amended to indicate when the appeal fee will be refunded, as follows:

            If the appeal is denied                                                           No refund

            If the appeal is successful                                                      50% of the fee

            If the hearing is cancelled                                                      100% of the fee

Second reading of Bylaw 20-1083 was defeated.  Council directed administration to amend the bylaw that if the appeal is successful there is no refund.  The bylaw will be amended and presented at a subsequent Council meeting for further consideration by Council.

Campground 2020 Budget Forecast and Future OperationCouncil reviewed an accounting of the 2020 budget and estimated 2020 costs for both Camp Lake and Black Nugget Lake Campgrounds.

Council passed a motion directing Administration to prepare Requests for Proposals regarding subleasing the County campgrounds, along with a public engagement strategy.

2020 Budget Forecast and Cash Reserves
Council reviewed the 2020 budget forecast which estimates a surplus of $548,432. Included in the calculation is the budgeted amount of $3.4 million for uncollectible taxes.

2020 Fall Rural Municipalities of Alberta Convention UpdateCr. Hrabec advised that the 2020 Fall Rural Municipalities of Alberta Convention will be a virtual convention this year due to COVID 19.  The date conflicts with the November 4, 2020, Regular Council meeting.  There will be emergent resolutions that will be needed to be reviewed by Council before the convention.

Future Dates
Council scheduled a Special Council meeting for Monday, November 2, 2020, commencing at 3:00 pm, via Zoom.

Council rescheduled the November 4, 2020, Regular Council Meeting to Thursday, November 5, 2020, commencing at 8:30 am, via Zoom

 Please note that Council will be meeting via electronic means until the COVID-19 physical distancing requirement has been lifted.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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