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Council Meeting Highlights - Regular Meeting October 16, 2019

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October 16, 2019

Camrose Open Doors Association
Jessica Hutton, of the Camrose Open Doors Association, attended the meeting and provided an overview of the Association.  The Open Door is a regional non-profit organization that offers support services and hope to youth in need between the ages of 11 and 24.  They offer support, effective services, and a safe place for youth in need to grow and transition into successful adulthood, becoming contributing members of society.

Tofield Gun Club and Beaver Hill Rangers 
Gordon Hryhrchuk, Treasurer, and Don Woode, Member, Tofield Gun Club and Beaver Hill Rangers, attended the meeting.  An overview was provided on the club and the services that are provided to the community and the youth of Tofield and Beaver County.  The Club is applying for a partial exemption under the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation (COPTER).

2019 Backsloping
Council approved the following backsloping projects for completion in the fall of 2019:

NE 28-47-12-4
SE 28-47-12-4
SW 27-47-12-4

Viking/Beaver Dust Control Agreement
Council approved the dust control agreement with the Town of Viking.  The dust control agreement authorizes County staff to apply calcium chloride on roads specified by the Town on an as-needed basis at 100% cost-recovery.

Property Tax Relief to Shallow Gas Producers  
Council authorized, pursuant to Section 347 of the Municipal Government Act, for all properties identified in Exhibit One – Summary of Tax Relief by Company, attached to and forming part of the Council minutes:

  1. Cancellation and/or refund of the 2019 property taxes paid or owing so as to reduce by 35 percent, property taxes levied as per Section 353(2) of the Municipal Government Act, which includes municipal property taxes,
  2. Requisitions detailed in Section 326(1)(a) and Section 359(1)(2), as well as special taxes levied under Section 382(1) where the tax rate is based on assessment,
  3. Cancellation and/or refund of tax penalties associated with the 2019 property taxes levied as per section 353(2) of the Municipal Government Act.

Tofield Gun Club and Beaver Hill Rangers - COPTER
All property in a municipality is subject to assessment and taxation.  Some exceptions apply, such as properties owned or used by organizations that provide related services to government, education, charity, religion, recreation, and hospitals.  The concept of “public benefit” had traditionally been used to determine whether an exemption was warranted, however inconsistency of this application throughout the Province resulted in legislated exemptions under the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation (COPTER).

Council approved the following partial tax exemption to the Tofield Gun Club and Beaverhill Rangers based on the difference of the valuation model of agricultural use value rather than the legislated valuation model of market value.

  • Roll #191132012 – assessed as improved with structures with a representation of a one acre site value assessed at market value and the remaining area to be assessed as farmland at agricultural use value.

The partial exemption will remain in effect for 2020 – 2022 tax years.

Community Support Requests
Council approved the following the grants/support under the Community Supports Requests:

  1. The Town of Viking for $1,500 for markers on unmarked graves in the Viking Cemetery.
  2. The Viking Lions Club for $2,500 for upgrades to Camp Gary, a day use public area east of Viking.
  3. The Tofield Country Quilters for $1,900 to purchase 2 ironing boards, large self-healing cutting mat, an electric fabric cutter and cutter template.
  4. The Town of Viking for $2,500 towards refinishing the floor in the lobby, main floor bathrooms and kitchen of the Carena, payable upon submission of receipts.
  5. Sears Student Support Society for $1,500 for new literacy reading level books and book projectors. Subject to matching funding from the Town of Tofield and payable upon submission of receipts.
  6. The Big Picture Theatre Foundation for $2,500 to assist in operating costs of the foundation over the 2019-2020 season.
  7. Council deferred a decision from the Ryley preschool for a $3,500 annual grant. This request is for hiring a full time EA (educational assistant) on a permanent long-term basis to provide the best program at affordable prices.  The Ryley preschool will be attending the November 6, 2019, Special Council meeting to present information about their proposal.

Notice of Proposed Conservation Easement
Council waived the 60-day waiting period for registration of a conservation easement on S½ of 3-46-11-W4.

Flagstaff/Beaver ICF/IDP Deadline Extension Request
Council authorized the submission of a joint letter of request with Flagstaff County to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for an extension to April 1, 2021 to complete the Flagstaff/Beaver Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework and Inter-Municipal Development Plan.

Tax Recovery Property
Council authorized administration to take title of 16140 Twp Rd 474 (Roll No. 167143014), secure the property and take all necessary steps and actions to market the property for recovery of costs, as outlined by the Municipal Government Act, and Tax Recovery Policy.

Beaver Municipal Services Due Diligence Report and Path Forward
Council passed the following motions with respect to the Beaver Municipal Services Due Diligence Report:

  1. That Council accept the presentation from MNP regarding the formation of the Municipally Controlled Corporation (MCC) and forward the report to our regional partners and Beaver Municipal Solutions.
  2. That Council authorize administration to forward questions arising from the MNP Due Diligence Report to Beaver Municipal Services for clarification.
  3. That Council invite Beaver Municipal Services administration (General Manager) and Board to the November 6, 2019, Special Council Meeting.
  4. That Council schedule a MCC Steering Committee meeting within the first two weeks of November 2109.
  5. That Council authorize advertising of the materials required by Alberta Regulation 112/2018 (Municipally Controlled Corporations Regulation) for the required public hearing.
  6. That Council request Beaver Municipal Services to hold an Open House at the Ryley Legion on October 30, 2019.
  7. The Council cancel the November 6, 2019, Committee of the Whole meeting and schedule a Special Council meeting on November 6, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

2020 Gravel Crushing Contract
Council authorized a change to the 2020 Gravel Crushing contract, subject to review of legal counsel.

The November 6, 2019, Committee of the Whole meeting has been cancelled.

A Special Council Meeting is scheduled for November 6, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

The next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 20, 2019, commencing at 8:30 am.

For more information, contact Beaver County toll free at 1-866-663-1333 or 780-663-3730.

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