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Illegal Drainage - Reminder

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Protect Our Wetlands and Roads: A Friendly Reminder

Did you know altering wetlands or natural streams without permission from Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) is a no-go? It’s actually illegal. It's all about keeping our ecosystems thriving and preventing those pesky flooding issues. But hey, we get it, managing land can be tricky. Yet, ditching, trenching, or pumping without AEPA's green light could land you in hot water, including fines or orders to make things right.

Why should we care? Apart from the environmental love, illegal drainage can wreak havoc on our roads. Pooling water weakens road integrity, turning a minor puddle problem into a full-blown road repair headache. That's why, if drainage do-overs affect our roads, we're on it—reporting to AEPA and giving a friendly heads-up to landowners to fix the flow.

But here's the silver lining: Preserving wetlands is akin to hitting an ecological jackpot. These areas are critical habitats for a myriad of species and act as natural drought guards by retaining soil moisture. Without proper care, the unchecked destruction of wetland habitats can lead to decreased moisture in adjacent soils, adversely affecting the productivity of nearby crops. Given the recent dry conditions, holding onto as much water on your land as possible could significantly mitigate the effects of drought.

Noticed more dry patches and troubled roads lately? It's a sign to champion our wetlands. Let's work together to preserve these natural treasures and keep our roads safe. After all, good neighbours and land stewards make Beaver County shine brighter. 

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