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Tax Collection Rate

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Beaver County Council recognizes that the last couple of years have been financially challenging for everyone. The 2022 property tax season is coming to a close, and Council is pleased to report that to date the 2022 tax collection rate has reached 94.4%.  

This is a considerable improvement from previous years when the County was only able to collect 83.98% of taxes in 2021, and 79.40% in 2020. A higher tax collection rate is an indication that the County is recovering from the impacts of COVID and other economic challenges. Council is understanding of the impact this has had on our community and would like to thank its ratepayers for ensuring that your taxes were submitted in a timely manner. We are excited to look ahead to a new year, and the many exciting and strategic opportunities for Beaver County.

For those ratepayers that still have a remaining tax balance, payment is accepted at the County Office during business hours by cash, Interac, cheque, money order, or in the drop box after hours. Payments can also be made online through your bank or PaySimply. As of November 1st, a late penalty of 6% has been applied to any outstanding current taxes.  To avoid further penalty, please ensure that payment is received on or before January 16, 2023.