Council Overview

  • In order to serve as a Councillor, it is a requirement that individuals reside within the Division from which they are elected. This ensures that Councillors have a direct connection and understanding of the specific needs and concerns of the residents in their respective Divisions. Additionally, Councillors must be qualified voters of the county, meeting the eligibility criteria to participate in municipal elections.
  • The Reeve and Deputy Reeve are elected annually by Council members at the Organizational Meeting.
  • Council members serve four-year terms and can be re-elected for an unlimited number of terms.
  • The next Municipal Election will be held in 2025.
  • In the event that a councillor resigns from their position, a by-election is conducted. This process allows for the vacant seat on the council to be filled. By holding a by-election, the county ensures that the residents within that division have the opportunity to elect a new representative to serve on their behalf.