Vision, Values & Goals


Beaver County offers a lifestyle with a unique blend of country and small-town living. As innovators, our goal is to strengthen our leadership in agri-business and alternative energy. Building strong business and community partnerships are key to our future success.

Our safe and caring communities offer families great value and excellent service. Through ongoing engagement and commitment, we welcome people from all walks of life.

To showcase the achievements of our residents, businesses, and local government, we will promote stories of residential lifestyles, business leaders, government accomplishments, as well as tourist areas.

We strive to be a model of ecological and financial integrity, protecting our agricultural heritage while developing investment in Beaver County. Sustainable infrastructure, public engagement, economic growth, and tourism development – these priorities are key to our success.

Core Values

Our core values reflect how the County operates publicly and privately.

Strong Governance

Prudent decision making ensures future success. Our long-term planning provides solid evidence and information to help balance immediate needs with future growth.

Customer Service

Every resident matters. We strive to have our citizens feel heard and treat their needs fairly. Their interactions with local government should be accessible and easy to understand.

Innovative leadership

We come to evidence-based decisions through diligent listening, encouraging fresh ideas from partners, and internal team members.


Beaver County administers services equally and responsibly, while respecting the diverse needs of municipalities within the region.


Council and Administration are accessible and host business in public, with conscientious adherence to privacy legislation.


Beaver County’s partnerships make us more effective and efficient at serving the needs of residents.

Long-Term Strategic Goals

A strategic goal describes the long-term achievable elements that must be accomplished for success of the vision. A strategic result is a description of an outcome required to support a strategic goal.


Goal 1 - Collaborative Partnerships 


Goal 2 - Excellent Customer Service


Goal 3 - Responsible Finance


Goal 4 - Sustainable Infrastructure


Goal 5 - Lifestyle Enhancement


Goal 6 - Strong Leadership