Municipal Sustainability Plan

Home. Grown. is the name of Beaver County’s plan for People, Places, and Possibilities.

Adopted in 2017, this Plan is about preparing Beaver County for an ambitious future its residents can be proud of, grabbing the proverbial “tiger by the tail” - from agricultural diversification to innovative housing that attracts new residents. All while ensuring life is in balance in our stewardship of environment, wise fiscal management, and good governance.

Home. Grown.

The plan is the result of a process to create ONE plan – a clear direction forward for the County that integrates existing plans and documents:

  • Community Economic Development Strategy
  • Municipal Development Plan
  • Recreation and Culture Services Master Plan
  • Council Strategic Priorities

A 37-person Steering Committee comprised of a cross-section of County residents and led by County Council met in three workshop settings to brainstorm strategic direction. A regional Community Survey, generating 198 responses from County residents, served as a foundation for the direction of this Plan. The survey included responses from residents of the Towns of Tofield and Viking, and the Villages of Ryley and Holden – who will be very important to the County as communities increasingly collaborate to achieve success. County staff feedback was acquired in late stages of plan creation.

  • The result is a holistic Plan that aims to balance and integrate five key community building pillars: Economic Prosperity
  • Environment Stewardship
  • Social Conscience,
  • Governance Leadership,
  • Fiscal Responsibility.

The Plan will help Council develop Strategic Plans and inform individual decisions to move the Vision forward.