Public Engagement

Communication Survey Results

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the Communications Survey!

Full Survey Results

Public Participation Plan

In January 2022, Beaver County Council invited the public to provide input on the following policies and/or programs:

  • Level of Service Overland Drainage
  • Pest Control Level of Service
  • Road Maintenance Level of Service
  • Road Rehabilitation Priorities

An online survey was created to gather public input and
hard copies were also available for those that preferred that method.

The survey closed on January 19 with 370 surveys completed online and an additional 24 surveys that were submitted in hard copy form.

Administration prepared a summary report, of the data and comments collected, which was presented at the March 2, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council.  The report captures consistent themes and messaging about program areas as well identifies areas of opportunity for Council to investigate further.

To access the report please click here.

Council recognizes that good governance includes engaging County residents and municipal stakeholders and that there is a need for those stakeholders who are affected by a decision, to influence the decision.  Information collected during the public participation process will be used to inform Council and assist in the decision-making process regarding policy development and budget planning.



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