Boards & Committees

County Council recognizes that representation on external boards and committees is important to address rural interests, keep abreast of local issues, and maintain effective partnerships with neighbouring municipalities. 

Council members are expected to represent the County and rural interests at board and committee meetings, however are not authorized to commit the County to any funding or action requests without prior approval of Council, by way of resolution. 

Appointments to various approved boards and committees are made at Council’s annual Organizational Meeting or as required.

2023-24 Board & Committee Appointments

Agricultural Services Board

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) includes all County Councillors, and four Public Members at Large. The board meets at the Call of the Chair, typically quarterly.

What does ASB do

The Board's vision is to develop and implement programs and services that will assist County residents to maintain and improve the efficiency and sustainability of our family farms and rural communities. The ASB will create independence and opportunity through education and will provide agricultural services that sustain agricultural resources within the County.

Programs administered and/or assisted with include:

  • Weed and Brush Control
  • Agricultural Pest and Nuisance Control
  • Water and Soil Conservation
  • Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture

ASB Meeting Information

For more information on the ASB contact Jonathan Culbert, Agricultural Fieldman at 780-663-3730

Governance and Priorities Committee

Beaver County Council established a Governance and Priorities Committee (GPC). This Committee consists of all members of Council, and meets outside of formal Council meetings to discuss matters that require additional time for consideration and do not require an immediate decision of Council.

GPC Meeting Information

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee, is a dynamic group dedicated to fostering economic growth and diversification within the County. The committee plays a pivotal role in shaping the economic future by advising the Governance and Priorities Committee or Council on key policies, programs, and services. It actively suggests strategic directions for Council or Administration to explore, enhancing the County's economic landscape. Furthermore, the committee serves as an ambassador for the County, leveraging its network to promote opportunities to business associates and stakeholders, championing the County's potential.

EDAC Meeting Information