Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

CAO Kay Spiess

The position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is established by bylaw, and responsibilities are outlined in Sections 207 and 208 of the Municipal Government Act.   

The Chief Administrative Officer is Council’s only employee. He/she is responsible for all aspects of administration, and is the primary communication link between Council/Councillors/Reeve and County administration/staff.  He/she is accountable to Council for implementation of policy and the effective and efficient delivery of services to residents. Council has the authority to direct the CAO only, and is to do so collectively, rather than individually

The CAO must ensure that Council is kept informed about the operation of the municipality and issues affecting it locally, provincially, and federally. It is important that the Chief Administrative Officer remain politically neutral, advise Council of pertinent and appropriate information based on the facts of the issue, and support Council’s decisions to administration, staff, ratepayers, residents, and other affected parties.

Beaver County CAO Kay Spiess holds both a Business Administration (finance) degree and certification as a local government manager. She has over 10 years of experience working with rural municipalities, including the position of Chief Administrative Officer, as well as leadership roles in organizational restructuring, strategic planning, intermunicipal cooperation, budget and financial analysis, and project management.

Ms. Spiess may be reached via our contact form or by calling 780-663-3730.

In mid-June 2021, Beaver County Council expressed a desire to review their performance during their term of office (November 2017 – October 2021).  The last review conducted by Council was in 2009.

An independent consultant, Rick McDonald of J.R. McDonald & Associates Inc., was hired to review the legislative and administrative functioning and organizational design of the County and ensure that Council is achieving its outcomes as directed by County policy and/or required under the Municipal Government Act.

To facilitate the review, Mr. McDonald assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the County by conducting interviews with Council, staff, municipal stakeholders and the public, and observing Council meetings.

The Corporate Governance Review was approved by Council on October 6, 2021.  Mr. McDonald was hired by Council as the interim CAO and to implement the recommendations in the report.

Click here for a copy of the report.  Click here for a copy of the Executive Summary and recommendations.