Bylaws & Policies


Council, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, possesses the authority to enact bylaws pertaining to various aspects of municipal governance. To view commonly requested bylaws please follow the link below.

Beaver County Bylaws

If you would like to review a Bylaw that is not listed, please contact the County Office at 780-663-3730.


Note: While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, it is important to note that the online copies of the bylaws provided are not considered official versions. The official and legally binding version of a bylaw is the printed, signed, and sealed document issued by the Chief Administrative Officer. Beaver County disclaims any liability or responsibility for damages resulting from the use of online copies of the bylaws. It is recommended to consult the official, certified versions of the bylaws for legal purposes and to address any specific inquiries or concerns related to their application.


Council Policies serve as a critical framework for guiding governance, programs, and service delivery within Beaver County. These policies are adopted by Council through resolutions, providing strategic direction to ensure effective decision-making and efficient administration. To access and review the Council Policies that outline our commitment to transparency and accountability, please click the link below.

Beaver County Policies