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Council Meeting Highlights - May 22, 2024

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Proclamation Acknowledgement – Senior’s Week 

Council proclaimed that June 3 to 9, 2024 will be Senior’s Week.  The acknowledgement is to celebrate and recognize the contributions seniors make to enhance the quality of life in Alberta.    

Bylaw #24-1150 Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan (EIP ASP) 

  • Public Hearing - One written submission was received stating concerns with the EIP ASP about water quantity and flow that may impact neighbouring lands.  The concerned residents attended the public hearing to speak directly with Council. 
  • Readings - Council completed the second and third readings of Bylaw #24-1150 Equity Industrial Park Area Structure Plan, as amended.  The document was amended to address some of the comments and concerns raised during the referral process.  The ASP is now in effect and will direct future development within EIP in a systematic and effective manner, encompassing guidelines concerning the environment, land utilization, road networks, infrastructure, and the sequential progression of development. 

Drought Management Options 

Administration provided Council with information on short term agriculture and fire suppression options that are available.  Council accepted this information as the County’s short-term drought management plan and further information on these strategies will be communicated to residents. 

Bill 20 – Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2024 

On April 25. 2024, Bill 20 was introduced to the Legislative Assembly and received first reading.  The Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) have expressed reservations regarding some of the proposed amendments. Administration provided Council with a summary of the proposed changes, including comments on how the proposed changes may impact the County. 

Council passed a motion to forward a letter to Premier Danielle Smith and the Minister of Municipal Affairs with its concern regarding the new authority Cabinet will have to remove a Councillor from office if it is deemed a public interest. 

Bylaw #24-1148 – Procedural Bylaw 

Council passed second reading of Bylaw #24-1148 – Procedural Bylaw which will streamline the Consent Agenda process, adjust the Regular meeting time to align with recent changes in meeting frequency, clarify when Closed Session information will be distributed, and remove the provision for ‘friendly amendments’.  A further amendment was requested to clarify when and how the public will be provided with information discussed in Closed Session. 

Bylaw #24-1152 – Repeal Bylaw #20-1076 Re: Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Plan 022 6466, Block 1, Lot 1) 

Council completed the first reading of Bylaw #24-1152 to repeal Bylaw #20-1076.  Bylaw #20-1076 is being repealed because the proposed redistricting is no longer needed.  Administration will now schedule a public hearing. 

Bylaw #23-1136 – Road Closure South of S 1/2 18-50-17-W4 

Council passed second reading of Bylaw #23-1136 regarding the consolidation of a road allowance into the adjacent parcels.  Once the applicant meets the conditions of the road closure process, the bylaw will be referred to Council for third reading. 

Policy Changes 

  • Policy #GOV-006 – Councillor Renumeration

Council reviewed the information presented on Councillor Renumeration and then referred the policy to a future GPC meeting for discussion. 

Appointment of Agricultural Weed and Pest Inspectors 

Council approved the annual appointment of qualified staff as inspectors under the Weed Control Act and the Agricultural Pest Control Act. 

Agricultural Notice of Appeal Committee Appointments 

Council appointed interested members of the Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to the Agriculture Notice of Appeal Committee. 

Request for Support from Beaver Foundation 

Council approved support for the Beaver Foundation Board’s advocacy efforts with Provincial Government Ministers to provide 24/7 home care support in the Beaver Region’s lodges and supportive living accommodations.  Council also supported the submission of a resolution to the RMA Convention regarding the provision of full-time home care support in seniors' lodges and supportive living accommodations. 

Beaver County Victim Services Golf Tournament Funding Request 

Council approved a Major Sponsorship of $500, plus 2 golf registrations, for the Victim Services Golf Tournament to be held on June 14, 2024, at the Tofield Golf Course.  Council also noted the important service that Victim Services provides in our communities and thanked them for their dedication to this work. 

Notice of Nomination to Rural Municipalities of Alberta Board 

Deputy Reeve Gene Hrabec verbally shared with Council his intent to be nominated for the position of President on the Rural Municipalities of Alberta Board.  Council provided their support for this nomination, noting that this is a good way to bring recognition to Beaver County and the region. 

Tofield RCMP Priorities 

Council spoke with the Tofield RCMP Sergeant in Closed Session to discuss RCMP priorities for the upcoming year and items of mutual concern that impact County residents. 

For more information on items discussed at the Council Meeting, please review the full Agenda Package for this meeting at New and/or amended Policies and Bylaws are uploaded to the County website after they have been signed.