Enjoying the outdoors at Islet Lake

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Fishing at Black Nugget Lake

Male Tiger Trout fished at Black Nugget Lake

Approximately 25% of fishermen in Alberta fish stocked water bodies. What fish are stocked into a water body is determined by the area fisheries biologist. The type, size, number and when the fish are stocked is provided to fish culture for all lakes. Performance of the fishery and engagement of the angling community is part is the area biologist mandate. About 10% of the lakes are managed as a quality trout fishery. Average size of trout stocked is 17cm.

Black Nugget has been stocked the past several years with Rainbow Trout, in the spring over 10,000, (20cm) and in the fall over 10,000, (20cm). Tiger Trout were also stocked in Black Nugget Lake - two sizes (25.8cm and 34cm).
Tiger Trout is a cross between a male brook trout and a female brown trout.

Enjoy your fishing experience at Black Nugget Lake!