Bylaw Services

Bylaw Enforcement

Maintaining an ongoing safe, resilient community is a priority for Beaver County. 

The Bylaw Officer enforces County bylaws including Animal Control, Off-Highway Vehicle Use, Municipal Parks, and Unsightly Premises Bylaws.

To contact the Bylaw Officer call the Beaver County Service Centre at 780-663-3730, or use our contact form.

Animal & Livestock Limits

In the last few years, interest has increased amongst Beaver County acreage owners to raise some animals and livestock on their properties.  In the past, there were few restrictions regarding animals on land zoned as Agricultural parcels, but there were limitations on properties zoned as Country Residential.

Beaver County Animal Control Bylaw limits the amount of animals per property acre. If an owner exceeds the maximum allowed animal unit(s) per acre, the owner must apply for a permit at the Beaver County Service Centre. An amendment has been made to the bylaw to allow for over-limit permits. 

Click here to see the over-limit permit requirements (Section 11 of the bylaw).

Animal Control

Owning a domestic animal, such as a dog or cat, can be a very satisfying experience, however it is the owner's responsibility to know and understand the rules and regulations of ownership.

Animal Control Bylaw 22-1130 is Beaver County's bylaw to regulate and control animals running at large. The intent of the bylaw is to provide residents with a safe community to live and work.

Any person who contravenes any provision of the bylaw is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine.

The easiest way to avoid prosecution under the bylaw is to be a responsible animal owner. To learn more, read Beaver County's Animal Control Bylaw 22-1130

To register your animal, please complete Animal Registration Application (PDF) or Animal Registration Application (Excel) and submit it to the County Office.  

If you have safety concerns about an animal in your neighbourhood, the procedures differ depending on whether the animal's owner is known or unknown and whether the dog is barking or running at large.

To file an animal control complaint with Beaver County, please call the County Office at 780-663-3730.